Project Type: MOB

Divide//Conquer: The Manananggoogle Onboarding Experience

corporate training
Global Fund For Women

The founders // chief officers of Manananggoogle Inc. welcome you to an enthralling evening of immersive indoctrination. As one of our new hires, you will be subjected to corporate training videos and team-building exercises designed to hasten your absorption into Manananggoogle culture. An intoxicating mélange of Filipino festivity and corporate bloodlust awaits you. Snacks included.

Onboarding documentation by Catherine McElhone, Patricia Cariño, and Lissa Ivy.

Always A Bridesmaid Never A Bride

video, installation

Please meet the brilliant Filipinas behind the new Professional BridesMaid business, “Always A Bridesmaid Never A Bride™”! This trio of inspiring lady entrepreneurs are revolutionizing the wedding industry from the Outside-In! View our motivational videos and testimonials, and bear witness to inspiring examples of the delights of finding the Wedding Maid Duties™ (WMDs™) you’ve been searching for!

AABNAB™ offers the services of three “Professional BridesMaids™ (PBMs™)” to fulfill all requisite support duties as highly photogenic Best Friends™, Background Models™ and/or Maidservants™ while remaining emotionally impartial in the actual matrimonial proceedings. No union too difficult: same-sex and INS/ICE ceremonies our specialty! Contact us for a Free! Live! Wedding Consultation of your own!