Limo Lecture

Somarts Cultural Center

Join the next stage of corporate evolution: crawl out of the primordial soup and into the grim Darwinian realities of a Stretch Hummer Limousine, as part of the Glamorgeddon Closing Spectacle! Manananggoogle’s Limo Lecture promises to elevate riders to new heights of corporate achievement and/or abject terror.

Manananggoogle’s recent expansion into the privatized transportation sector requires new blood. 18 lucky underlings will be the first to experience this extraordinary rendition of extrajudicial delights. All participants will become intimately acquainted with Manananggoogle’s age-appropriate corporate culture of intimidation, dominance, and ruthless, tech-bro-less, glamour.

Guaranteeing a ride to be remembered: free tote bag upon completion of training.

All images courtesy of Somarts and Timothy Andrew Photography.