Always A Bridesmaid Never A Bride

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Please meet the brilliant Filipinas behind the new Professional BridesMaid business, “Always A Bridesmaid Never A Bride™”! This trio of inspiring lady entrepreneurs are revolutionizing the wedding industry from the Outside-In! View our motivational videos and testimonials, and bear witness to inspiring examples of the delights of finding the Wedding Maid Duties™ (WMDs™) you’ve been searching for!

AABNAB™ offers the services of three “Professional BridesMaids™ (PBMs™)” to fulfill all requisite support duties as highly photogenic Best Friends™, Background Models™ and/or Maidservants™ while remaining emotionally impartial in the actual matrimonial proceedings. No union too difficult: same-sex and INS/ICE ceremonies our specialty! Contact us for a Free! Live! Wedding Consultation of your own!