Roundup of the last 2-ish months: while I’m not big on traditions, I’m realizing that we all have our own weird rituals and repeating motifs, many of which surface at the transition of a year.

Finally in full studio-mode, prepping for a solo show that opens in late February. While a decent number of works in the show are already done or from a few years ago, there are unresolved odds and ends that I’m using this show as an excuse to return to, so there are a few variables yet. As part of the warm-up to this bigger work, I spent a good chunk of time finishing off the last few pages in my art journal. It’s always a nice feeling to complete one of these books, especially at year’s end.

In early December our Mylar Cave was up and running again! Having been gifted a bunch of crumpled mylar by a friend a few years back, we’ve since made this our annual seasonal decor by transforming our tiny living room into a cave of wonder for SF’s wintriest months. (With festive holiday costumes, to boot.)

The Terrible Holiday Svetr(sweater) made the rounds yet again, with more family photo-ops than ever. I procured this masterpiece of oil consumption at a swap meet a couple of years ago; while not technically an ugly Christmas sweater, it more than fits the bill.

WANDER WOMAN at Root Division
Manananggoogle‘s 2018 recruitment video made its U.S. debut as part of a nice show curated by Rea de Guzman. Since Reanne couldn’t make it up from LA, Eliza and I didn’t don full C-Suite drag: we went in casual whites, repping the company’s less formal philanthropy wing.

NO SCRUBS 3.0 at the SF Women’s March
I wrote about how potent and fun this was at the first Women’s Marches in 2017, but was unsure whether it was appropriate to reboot it for subsequent Marches in 2018 and 2019. Turns out, it was! And multiple young women came up to us, expressing glee that we were back again. It was fun to absorb them into our motley crew along the way. Traditions aren’t so bad!