Project Type: Video

Chatsilog Revisited

Installation, photo, video, sculpture
Asian Art Museum

This installation took MOB’s 2010 Chatsilog video as the point of entry for a new, immersive installation in honor of the late Carlos Villa, subject of the Asian Art Museum’s retrospective exhibition of his work and influence.

Klub Rupturre!!

Klub Rupturre!!
installation, video, performance
video TRT 45 min 19 sec
Black & White Projects gallery

Taking the form of a 1989 regional TV Dance Party, Klub Rupturre!! was a multimedia installation that incorporates painting, performance, video, installation, with an a late 80s palette and soundtrack. In the video, a creepy hostess introduces each song as dancers work their way through a top ten countdown leading up to the moment of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. The installation was the set for the video as well as the venue for public events, including a live dance party.

2 minute edit of the 45 minute video here.

This project took place during the 30th anniversary of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake that profoundly reshaped much of the culture of the Bay Area, in a year of great significance globally.

Klub Rupturre!! was funded by an SFAC Individual Artist Commission Grant.

Eyes! Knees! Groin! Throat!

Screenings at Kala Art Institute and YBCA
Workshop at YBCA

A pop-inspired self-defense music video/tutorial with ADQ and Harrison Dumont (cover of “Target Practice,” from the 1995 album Free to Fight), with women’s self-defense workshop led by artist/self-defense instructor Melissa Wyman. Music video (with 1 minute silent info intro) here.

In collaboration with 100 Days Action’s Resistance Training, the Mettle Detection project for the Kala Print Public Fellowship, and YBCA.

Dearly Beloved: A Karaoke Chapel

video, installation, performance
‘After Pop Life’ exhibition

Purified with holy water from Lake Minnetonka, the Minnesota Street Project Media Gallery was temporarily rechristened as a place of worship for the music of Prince Rogers Nelson.

The Chapel hosted daily Hours of Contemplation, featuring a selection of Wofford’s karaoke videos. Special Services were also held certain afternoons and evenings, when the Karaoke Hymnal was opened to the faithful to choose and perform their songs of devotion.

The Chapel was part of the After Pop Life exhibition curated by Glen Helfand.