Project Type: Studio

Portals + Battlefields

paintings: acrylic on canvas
as exhibited at Silverlens

6 paintings included in ‘Aquifer’, an exhibition with MM Yu and Dina Gadia at Silverlens Gallery, Philippines. These paintings evolve Wofford’s ‘Rupturre’ project which speaks to history and crisis. However, this recent work is less about abrupt rupture while still being about change and other unstable, mutable energies shifting beneath the surface.

Images or terms that have informed this work, and the shapes and patterns within them: Energy. Mysteries. Spells. Portals. Power. Protection. Containment. Liminality. Neuroplasticity. Electricity. Psychedelia. Vision. Rage. Grief. Loss. Calamity. Battlefields. Flow vs break. Fluidity vs rigidity.



solo exhibition
acrylic on canvas
Silverlens Galleries
Makati, Philippines

A suite of paintings rendering the aftermath of seismic ruptures. Based on images of empty, ghostly landscapes and destroyed roads from specific quakes around the Pacific Rim, the paintings function as metaphor for broader contemporary conditions of cognitive and cultural collapse. The works range in size from 2×3 to 4×5 feet.