Project Type: Installation

Fire Season

installation/works on paper
installation shown here: Berkeley Art Center
*new acquisition of the Asian Art Museum

September 9, 2020 was Northern California’s infamous “Orange Day,” when wildfire smoke choked the Bay Area, turning the skies into a doomsday scenario. This specific date, compounded with the early months of the pandemic and other tragic national and personal events, spurred on this body of work.

Fire Season employs the complementary/contrasting colors of orange and blue for both tension and relief,  as well as solitary figures and boxed forms to embody climate crisis, public health crisis, and personal crisis.

Klub Rupturre!!

Klub Rupturre!!
installation, video, performance
video TRT 45 min 19 sec
Black & White Projects gallery

Taking the form of a 1989 regional TV Dance Party, Klub Rupturre!! was a multimedia installation that incorporates painting, performance, video, installation, with an a late 80s palette and soundtrack. In the video, a creepy hostess introduces each song as dancers work their way through a top ten countdown leading up to the moment of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. The installation was the set for the video as well as the venue for public events, including a live dance party.

2 minute edit of the 45 minute video here.

This project took place during the 30th anniversary of the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake that profoundly reshaped much of the culture of the Bay Area, in a year of great significance globally.

Klub Rupturre!! was funded by an SFAC Individual Artist Commission Grant.

Mettle Detection

Installation and events
Kala Art Institute Gallery

Installation as glowing stage for various actions designed to improve people’s “mettle” and feelings of safety, post-election and post-Ghost Ship fire. This project encouraged participants to shed fear and feel more in control of their lives and emotions in multiple forms.

Actions in the space included a youth journalism podcast event about the fire, an internet privacy/safety for activists workshop, a self-defense video shoot, and numerous “safety selfies” on yellow paper. The space was bookended by 2 large illustrated prints of Kala’s 2 closest fire stations; 2 strong boxes in dreamy, inviting environments to convey calm, courage, protection and hope.

Print Public Fellowship Exhibition, Mayumi Hamanaka, curator

No Scrubs

Action for Women’s Marches
Oakland and San Francisco
2017, 2018, 2019

Large dance brigade with protest signs employing pop and hiphop song lyrics. In partnership with 100 Days Action; documentation also included in ‘Sonic Futures‘, curated by Patricia Cariño, at San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art.