For Ebony

“The arts are alive in San Francisco and we should be proud of what we have going on here. I think it’s really unique and a lot of people are looking at us from around the world…and so I think we have a lot more sharing to do. And so I hope we’re not giving up on ourselves, because there’s a lot of power here.”

Ebony McKinney, on a recent Congratulations Pine Tree podcast episode.

It took awhile to track down, but I finally got my hands on a clear enough reference image of the extraordinary Ms. Ebony Uhura McKinney that would allow me to make an illustrated portrait of her.

Ebony passed away very suddenly in late July: I didn’t have adequate words when she passed, but I hoped that I could eventually make an image of her, instead.


Ebony, I hope it’s cool with you that I did this. Based on how hard it was for me to track down a clear pic, you seemed eminently uninterested in having your photo taken. Since you did love art and illustration, though, I hope that this is something you would have been tickled by. I miss you and I don’t want anyone forgetting who you are, so I want this image to stick around awhile. (I might also make an editioned print of this if there’s interest, with all profits going to a cause that you would appreciate.)

In any case, thank you again, for everything you did, in your far-too-short time with us here.

Bay Area Memorial for Ebony Uhura McKinney
Tues Sept 12
Against the Stream and Red Poppy Art House, both in SF’s Mission District (2701 and 2698 Folsom St respectively)
Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society/6 pm
Red Poppy Art House/8 pm

The Against the Stream (2701 Folsom St) program starts promptly at 6:30pm with a meditation. People may remain at Against the Stream until 9pm.

Red Poppy Art House (2698 Folsom St) will open its doors at 8 pm for people to gather and continue celebrating Ebony with music, dance and refreshments.