like, totally

Well, we didn’t get the full experience of the Totality here in Northern California last week, but the Partiality (as I like to call it) was still reasonably amusing, if buried in Karl the Fog‘s August embrace.


Anticipating that the actual eclipse would be mostly underwhelming for those of us outside the Totality Zone, my birthday party theme for the weekend prior was “Wofftopia: Preclipse”. Our goal was to dramatically preenact the mysteries of the eclipse in our own special way. To this end, friends and I cut out black cardboard discs, and set upon a series of photos using the discs to obliterate this and that while up at an idyllic, utopian-esque cabin in coastal Sea Ranch.

The subsequent weekend was the first since the eclipse, and was largely dominated by massive community responses in both San Francisco and Berkeley to the threat of a couple of far-right rallies being planned in both cities. With the previous weekend’s shenanigans still largely on my mind, and with continued mindfulness to precepts of “using culture to move culture” from the Making Waves pdf that I’ve mentioned before, I whipped up a quick, free 11×17 poster design (still available here) that people could download from my website and print for themselves.


The posters turned out to be a huge hit; multiple friends distributed them and reported back on their popularity. To my great amusement, this image of the Wah brandishing her printout was used as the lead image for an article on SFGate and in SF Chronicle’s social media accounts, as well:

sfgate lead

Turn around, bright eyes.