We Can Be Heroes

Pics from the fun at ‘We Can Be Heroes’, SoEx’s annual auction fundraiser!
(All pics via SoEx and Minoosh Zomorodinia.)

Big new change: the event was held at Minnesota Street Project for the first time ever. The live auction main event was held on the main floor, and the silent auction in an upstairs gallery.



My contribution to this year’s silent auction: “Glory Hole”, a small painting of the Lake Berryessa, um, glory hole. Ink and acrylic on paper, 12 x 16 inches.
Glory Hole

And of course Woffles and Herb were on hand to host the closing out of the silent auction walls in their best budget Bowie/Heroes ensembles:



Our jackets were made from 2 thrift-store tuxedo coats: I cut the sleeves off, smoothed and glued the extra fabric around the armholes down for clean edges, then hot-glued yellow craft sheet foam details that I’d created to the jackets and belts. The sheet foam was also fashioned into ankle cuffs that were held on with clear packing tape. (Fun fact: I can’t sew. At all. If it can’t be done with hot glue, safety pins or staples, it’s not happening.)


I think this was SoEx’s most successful auction to date: in this moment of uncertain funding for the arts, it was great to see the SoEx community step up to support them so generously.