This has been in the works for almost a year now, but I’m thrilled to finally be able to share that the Allen Memorial Art Museum in Oberlin, Ohio acquired my painting ‘MacArthur Nurses’ early this year.

allen museum

macarthur nurses allen museum

macarthur nurses

Curator Kevin Greenwood made this acquisition possible–I am hugely grateful to him for his enthusiasm for my work.

Kevin had learned about my work through my friends Shelley Lee and Rick Baldoz, both of whom are professors at Oberlin. Shelley and Rick also helped arrange for me to come give a lecture for, and to meet with, Oberlin’s Asia America Art Collective students as part of a weekend of events and other guest artists in early March. Here we all are, being semi-formal at the welcome reception:

aaas collective
By the time I got around to giving my lecture on Saturday, things were a little more relaxed:
(lecture pic credit: Kenneth Eng)
woff lecture

And when we were actually visiting the Nurses, everyone was far less formal.
(Shelley, Kevin, Rick, Woff:)

(Woff and AAAS Collective mimicking the painting:)
macarthur aaas

It was COLD in Oberlin: sleet when I arrived, snow the morning I left. It felt  fantastic in short, bracing bursts, but I didn’t bring warm enough gear to really traipse around and explore, unfortunately. Freezing temperatures notwithstanding, there were incredibly warm people at all the events there.

tappan sq


ppotwwohThanks for the visit, Ohio. I’ll do my best to make it back soon.