From March 2016

Pine Tree Redux

Kate Rhoades of Congratulations Pine Tree invited me back to sit in for Maysoun Wazwaz as guest co-host for an episode of their wonderful, ridiculous podcast.

Here are 31 minutes of our eloquent glory, linked below. We discuss many things Bay Area art-related, and go wildly off-topic, to boot. Please note that the title of this episode comes from Kate and I discussing our respective college mascots, and my disbelief that her “Mills College Cyclones” were not universally assumed to be the…

cpt woffles

Kala Print Public Residency

I’m happy to announce that I’ve been awarded a 2016-2017 Print Public artist residency at the venerable Kala Art Institute in Berkeley! Information on last year’s Print Public program here.


Details and calendar still TBD, but I’ll likely be working on a public project in and around Kala over the summer and fall of 2016: it will probably involve a lot of neighborhood engagement, research, and illustrations. Since printmaking has long been one of my blind spots as an artist, I’m also thrilled to have access to classes and facilities that will allow me to learn some great new skills and techniques to apply to my project.


My fellow artists for this round of Print Public are Sue Mark (who is continuing the program from before), Ramekon O’Arwisters, Mildred Howard, Drew Cameron, and Kelly Ording + Jet Martinez.

Image below, one of the late, great Susan O’Malley’s Print Public projects, installed by friends and family after her passing.