Ultimate Song Request

with Juan Luna-Avin
web project and public event
Luggage Store Gallery, SF

A project about the song or songs that one would want played at their funeral, memorial, celebration of life, or whatever event they envision loved ones gathering for.

Participants/contributors were invited to answer variations on a few simple questions:

  • What is a song (or songs) that you would want shared with friends/family after you die?
  • Why? What is it about this piece/these pieces?
  • How do you want it shared (quiet memorial, festive dance party, etc)?
  • What are your no-go songs (that is, what would make you turn in your grave if someone played this monstrosity)?

A co-production of Luna-Avin’s “Soundtrack of our Lives” and Wofford’s “Death Songs” projects, supported by Wofford’s 2016-17 SFAC Individual Artist Commission Grant.