Townhouse Trilogy

video, drawings, prints

3 videos, drawings and prints situated in and around a stylized 1973 Barbie Townhouse, a triple-decker dollhouse with over-the-top trompe l’oeil backdrops. Space and interiority function emotionally and psychologically: this project explores how staged domestic space informs behavior.

Top Floor: Spellchecker
Spelling is a kind of wondrous precision, and “spell” also implies a form of magical incantation. The video’s subjects spell out lines and sentences as dialogue in a very private, hermetic language and a space much like a child’s private domain.

Middle Floor: Impostor
A variety of women saying things that indicate varying permutations of impostor phenomenon, a condition fraught with unnecessary self-doubt that many high-achievers internalize as a sense that they’re under-qualified, frauds, or impostors. Situated on the middle floor, in a sort of 70’s purgatory.

Ground Floor: Walking With Coffee
Kitchen as exit point for women obsessively bustling about, clutching cups of coffee to go. Drive, ambition and neuroses scale the absurdity of these on-the-go compulsive behaviors.