MaxiPad: Templum de Mysteriis

Morcom Amphitheatre of Roses
Public Works: Off-Site

Gather in an enchanted secret garden and join in a once-in-a-lifetime promenade of fetish worship, lyric poem and ceremonial pantomime rivaled only by the Muses and Graces of yore. Jenifer K. Wofford and her collaborators invite you to join in the sacred rites and rituals of women’s public and private lives at their Temple of the Mysteries in the ancient city of Oakland, California. Marvel in their beguiling feminine ways, and reflect deeply upon the curiously gendered qualities of public and private space, of sovereignty over one’s body, of the overarching pleasures and sorrows of social narcissism, and the value of a good data plan.

MaxiPad: Templum de Mysteriis featured Niki Magtoto, Monica Magtoto, Alysoun Quinby, Jessica Gammell, Kim Arteche, Dara Del Rosario, Jeila Saidi, Victoria Ayala, Azin Seraj, Patricia Cariño and Rebeka Rodriguez.

Public Works: Off-Site was organized by Southern Exposure in partnership with the Mills College Art Museum in conjunction with the exhibition Public Works: Artists’ Interventions 1970s–Now, curated by Christian L. Frock and Tanya Zimbardo, on view September 16 – December 13, 2015 at the museum.