Death Songs

artist book
edition of 200
60 pages + 2 enclosed prints
softcover, digitally printed
book 6 x 9 in/prints 5.5 x 8.5 in

Drawings and text responding to the aesthetics and soundtracks of grief and celebration, as filtered through conversations about one’s final favorite songs left to loved ones after passing.

The book is organized in 3 ways: conversations with friends, talking through their songs; drawings, imagining the dead submitting their song requests; more open-ended drawings and quotes in response to the theme; mirrors and shadows, banderoles and speech bubbles, ovoids as souls, trapezoids as portals, ribbons as staves.

Death Songs is the result of an Individual Artist Grant from the San Francisco Arts Commission, and includes the ‘Ultimate Song Request’ web project, as well. Project management and design by Colleen Kiyoko Pualani Barrett.

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