Madonna Inn

A few pics from last weekend’s M.O.B. retreat at the ancestral palace.

m inn m inn 1 m inn 2
We’ve been coming here on our M.O.B. retreats for 15 years, but it’s been 5 long years since our last visit.

mob retreat 2005
M.O.B. planning retreat for AABNAB, 2005


M.O.B. visit, 2012

Sometimes we’ve come on a mission to shoot photo/video for a specific project, but often the images have simply evolved out of whatever we were actually meeting/retreating about, as more of a serendipitous afterthought. This serendipity is not purely spontaneous, of course: I’ll refer you back to that Louis Pasteur quote I like about “chance favoring the prepared”. With this in mind, some costumes and lights usually find their way into the trunk of someone’s car in advance of the drive there in a “just in case the spirit moves us” capacity.

But of course, the spirit usually moves us. And, after all, it just feels wrong to be in staying such splendor and to not bestow our own magnificence upon these fair environs in return. (see: piazza)


m inn 4