M.O.B. is in a big group show at SJ ICA on a subject near and dear to my packrat heart: the unseen scraps and ephemera that are part of every artist’s process. Rather than showing finished objects, Kevin Chen, Lisa Ellsworth and Lordy Rodriguez curated this behemoth of odds and ends, corralling more than 100 artists into it. It opened on June 25.

Below, a few of the process screenshots in Detritus, taken during the development and making of 2010’s Chatsilog, recorded via chat when I was in Prague, Reanne was in LA, Eliza and Carlos Villa were in SF, for Green Papaya Art Projects in Quezon City:

chatsi 5 chatsi 9 chatsi 12 chatsi 16

San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art
June 25 – September 10
Curators’ Walk-through: 3 pm, August 6