Storm Drain Murals installed!

They’re up! (Or rather, down. On the sidewalk.) SF Bay Guardians, the digital mural project I was working on this past winter and spring, has finally been installed in the Mission Bay neighborhood. The official public unveiling was this past Wednesday.

It was fun doing an informal walk-through of the 6 murals with representatives from SFAC and SFPUC, the 2 city agencies that sponsored this project. I even got interviewed by KPIX (and was apparently on TV that night)!

Since I completed my work on the illustrations back in March and have been more or less on vacation from teaching since May, I got to enjoy the still-unfamiliar experience of just getting to show up for an art event of my own, feeling refreshed and relaxed. It’s happening more and more, this whole not-being-a-wreck-from finishing-at-the-last-minute thing. I could get used to this lifestyle.

sea lion storm drain (photo courtesy Thea Quiray Tagle)
Woff with sea lion storm drain mural (photo courtesy Thea Quiray Tagle)

Storm Drain Sea Lion_March13_sm


woff on the news (photo courtesy Mom)
Woff on the news! (photo courtesy Mom)

SFPUC, SFAC, Woffords
Various SFAC, SFPUC, Wofford reps