Purple was never a favorite color of mine, but it’s funny how that can change abruptly.

bowie ashes

The news hit me hard: Bowie’s passing was devastating, but my response was more predictable, given what an avid fan I’d been at times (image below, from a Bowie party not long after). Coming as it did during Mardi Gras season, the K and I found ample excuse to celebrate his passing with extravagant abandon.


Prince’s passing, however, hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m still recovering. This really surprised me, since I’d always considered myself a casual fan at best. I suppose I took for granted how tremendous his presence and influence on my youth was.

prince forum

The deluge of video and audio material that was unleashed on the internet in the aftermath of his departure also deeply impressed upon me the enormity of this loss.

There have been numerous events in SF to honor him, all of which have been amazing, cathartic ways to dance out the grief. (Image below, en route to a Prince tribute dance party the day after his passing.)

purple tear

At this point, weeks/months in, I’m less able to articulate the feeling clearly, but I’m definitely already developing a new project that is about grief and music,  partly inspired by the strange experience of losing 2 these two iconic influences early this year.

Here’s to both of them, having finally been called back to the mother ship, to their own galaxy, because clearly, our planet is no longer inhabitable. I thank them, deeply, for their time among us on our messy little planet.

galactic purple