Mouthguard of Destiny

It’s a semi-secret that I’ve finally become something of a Bay Area sports fan in recent years. (Well, Giants and Warriors, anyway.) It’s led me to some accidentally fun art projects, like the Bumgarner and Curry editioned prints that SFMOMA Artists Gallery has been stocking for the last couple of years. People love sports art. Who knew?

Anyway, I’ve gotten totally sucked into this season of Warriors basketball in particular, having finally gotten to even attend a home game (courtside!!!!) and to understand, on a gut level, what whips people into such a frenzy about this stuff. When the guy below is a few feet away from you, it does sort of change your perspective.

Being that close to Steph’s mouthguard in particular was also quite compelling. I could practically smell it.

Since then, and since I basically think like both an artist and a comedian, I’ve been working on a series of illustrations of Curry’s singular obsession with 3 pointers chewing on his mouthguard, and letting it dangle off the side of his face. It’s really more a talismanic object than an actual oral protection device. Hence, on the occasion of the Warriors’ historic 73rd victory last night, I give you STEPH CURRY AND THE MOUTHGUARD OF DESTINY.