videos in progress

Almost immediately after MaxiPad, I had to shift gears and drive down to LA to shoot a new video project with Reanne and Eliza for Los Angeles media org Freewaves‘ annual ‘Long Live LA‘ program. The program commissions local artists to make short videos for public venues, usually addressing a particular health theme. (Since Reanne is LA, Freewaves deemed us “local” enough.) We chose to focus on women and self-esteem, in our own oddball MOB way.

Sneak peek of the 5 videos that MOB is editing right now:

mob claimyourspace
Claim Your Space
mob disculpe
mob nothankyou
No Thank You
mob takeit
Take It
mob upstanders

The videos are very different than MOB’s typical output in a number of ways: we’re actually not in the videos ourselves (other than in some peripheral, background way), and we’re definitely not in our usual faux-queen drag. They’re also very short (60 secs) and silent (since they are destined for public space where audio might be intrusive). But they’re also actually very typical of MOB output in the use of humor, absurdity and imagination. And we’ve often had a grand time collaborating with others, so our cast included a lot of our LA and Bay Area friends and family.

The project involved 2 trips to LA for Eliza and I (1 to plan, 1 to shoot). 4 of the videos were shot in LA, and 1 in SF. Reanne did a tremendous amount of the front-end planning and organizing; Eliza and I are doing the bulk of the back-end editing and finalizing. We should be done this week.

Screening dates still TBD: I’ll keep you posted.