There are a few nice things about keeping an independent blog again, such as: it’s not Facebook. It’s not Tumblr. It’s not Instagram. It’s not Twitter. Not that these are inherently evil, but it does feel good to put a slight wall in place between them and me.

When I had my previous blog way back in the Jurassic* era, we weren’t as absolutely consumed by social media and mindless link-swapping, nor were we speed-swiping past everything on smartphones en masse yet. Yeeessss, I got sucked into some of that for a while too, but in the past year or so have become increasingly weary of it, particularly of sharing anything too personal. Posting here may not be markedly better, but at least it operates according to my own logic and interests, and doesn’t pop up in an endless newsfeed of disposable amusements.

Also, it’s nice to have somewhere to post things that don’t really fit elsewhere on the new website. Case in point, this little painting I just made for my sister, which doesn’t quite qualify for the lofty “Projects” page.

sffd spanner

I’m kind of pleased with it for a few reasons.

1. It only exists because my sister is incredible: the thing in the painting is her fire academy spanner, a very weird and specific tool. She and the other candidates each had their own numbered spanner that they were responsible for during the duration of their training, so it has a real symbolic power. She was one of only 4 women that made it through an incredibly arduous academy into the fire department. Having now successfully completed her probationary year, she is officially a real, permanent SFFD firefighter, which is 5 thousand kinds of amazing.

2. It’s a really weird object, and it was fun to attempt to paint something I’ve never seen before in a style I rarely employ.

3. It’s nice to make things because you love someone.

*: 2007-2011