I make work about hybridity, history, gender and global culture: it’s the intercultural creative logic of a Filipina-American raised in Hong Kong, the UAE, Malaysia, and California, as well as that of a longtime educator in a diverse range of communities. This intercultural logic also requires interdisciplinary approaches: one project might be drawings and videos about Filipina nurses and immigration, another project, a boisterous performance with a rowdy female crew commandeering public space.

Regardless of approach, the constants in my work are imagination, humor, a crisp visual approach and a healthy appreciation for the absurd. The legibility of illustration and the appeal of popular culture motifs are frequent strategies: I often seek out a shorthand vernacular to ease my audience into potentially difficult, complex conversations.

Collaboration and camaraderie are integral parts of my practice: my projects often involve friends and strangers in all manner of creatively oddball situations. I do not consider myself an artist in isolation– studio solitude almost always expands into engagement with a broad range of voices often under-represented in the arts. My most satisfying projects all share this spirit of exchange, play, and cooperation: it makes things more relevant, and more fun, immediately.

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