I make work that addresses hybridity, authenticity, history and global culture in a broad sense. The questions that provoke my projects necessitate varied approaches, from visual and performance strategies to teaching and curatorial work: one project might be drawings about Filipina nurses and immigration narratives, another, a fake “TED Talk” lecture about cockroaches, girl scouts and portable toilets. Regardless of approach, my consistent throughlines are imagination, humor, a crisp visual approach and a healthy appreciation for the absurd.

This creative logic is shaped by years of international and intercultural experience with a mixed Filipino/American family, a childhood in Hong Kong, the UAE and Malaysia, and adulthood as an educator in the diversity of California. My role as an artist is one that extends beyond studio solitude into education, investigation and engagement with a multiplicity of voices often unheard or under-represented in the arts.

Collaboration and camaraderie are integral parts of my practice: my projects often involve friends and strangers in all manner of creatively weird situations. I do not particularly consider myself an artist in isolation: the most satisfying work I’ve made has involved exchange, play, and cooperation. It makes things more relevant, and more fun, immediately.

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